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Deciding on the best time to plant bulbs depends on where you live. In colder climates, plant your spring blooms in the fall, before the ground freezes, usually late September to October. Plant summer bloomers in the late spring, once the ground thaws.

buy plant bulbs

Did someone say, tulip time? To prepare for beautiful spring blooms like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and irises, these flower bulbs must be planted in fall. Enter Dutch Grown. With four generations of experience, Dutch Grown knows a thing or two about popular flower bulbs like

Though it started as a wildflower seed company, American Meadows also offers an exceptional variety of healthy, well-chosen flower bulbs. Their website allows you to narrow your choices by those that will thrive in your gardening zone, and provides plenty of information on planting and caring for your bulbs.

Longfield Gardens sells bulbs for outdoor and indoor planting. Amaryllis growers will find a wide selection available in fall and early winter. Other unique offerings include crinum lilies and fritillarias. Before buying bulbs, read their detailed information on growing all types of flowers.

The Van Bourgondien family started growing tulips in Holland almost 200 years ago. Since then, seven generations of the family have developed a business providing quality flower bulbs and plants to the public at They also sell a variety of bare-root perennials that make lovely companions for flowering bulbs.

Spring bulbs: Also called hardy bulbs, these bulbs are planted in fall, spend winter in the ground, and flower in spring. Some of the more common spring bulbs are tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinth, allium and crocus. These bulbs need several weeks of cold temperatures to break their dormancy and flower to their full potential. (See more: Spring Bulbs.)

Summer bulbs: Also called tender bulbs, these bulbs are planted in spring and flower or leaf out in summer. Gladiolus, lilies, caladiums, and elephant ears are common examples of summer bulbs. Some will bloom later in summer or for a longer time, like dahlias that bloom into fall. (See more: Summer Bulbs.)

Summer bulbs aren't tolerant of cold temperatures and should only be planted after the ground warms up and there's no longer a threat of frost. If purchased before planting time, store them in a cool, dry spot until planting.

Zones 4 to 7: In colder climates, spring-flowering bulbs can be planted as soon as the ground is cool, evening temperatures average 40 to 50F, and it is at least 6 to 8 weeks before the ground freezes. If timed right, this should be as soon as possible after purchase. However, bulbs can be stored in the refrigerator if needed until planting. (See Helpful Hints below for more information on storing bulbs in the refrigerator.)

Zones 8 to 10: In warmer climates, spring-flowering bulbs will need to be chilled in the refrigerator for 6 to 10 weeks (depending on the bulb) until the ground cools enough for planting. (See Helpful Hints below for more information on storing bulbs in the refrigerator.)

Spring bulbs: In warmer climates bulbs that require chilling can be dug up and stored until pre-chilling time the following fall. For colder climates, they can stay in the ground. Many will multiply and return year after year.Summer bulbs: In warmer climates, bulbs can be left in the ground with a layer of mulch in winter to protect and insulate them. In colder climates, they'll need to be dug up and stored until the following spring.

K. van Bourgondien has offered Dutch bulbs and perennials for more than 175 years. The family-owned company was started in Hillegom, Holland, in 1845 as a grower of tulips and other flower bulbs. By the 1880s, the family offered bulbs through commercial catalogs.

Very early in the 20th century, the van Bourgondien family started a mail-order company in the United States that supplied greenhouses and cut-flower growers, making us one of the first bulb-by-mail suppliers. Over time, K. van Bourgondien became one of the world's leading wholesale distributors of Dutch bulbs and perennials.

Gardening is all about the changing seasons. With spring and fall come new opportunities for planting, as well as new discoveries of growth and beauty. Flower bulbs are one easy and inexpensive way to accomplish the garden of your dreams. Their special advantage of storing energy between seasons gives them all they need to develop roots, leaves and blooms. Eden Brothers' bulb and perennial selection is staggering, with over 600 varieties to explore. Find your zone, choose your top features, and get to growing!

Choose between spring-planted beauties for easy summer blooms, or order fall-planted varieties for first flowering in early spring! Better yet, incorporate both spring-and fall-planted flower bulbs and perennials into your garden plan this season to have something blooming all year long. Planted in the correct zone, these bulbs and perennial roots will grace your yard or garden each year with fresh blooming flowers.

Each bulb is sourced from the freshest suppliers available in Holland, France, and Israel, and quality-checked before being shipped to your door. Purchase your flower bulbs now and Eden Brothers will ship them during the proper planting season for your growing zone. A premier online supplier of flowers and bulbs, Eden Brothers offers over 250 flower bulbs and perennials for sale. For large landscaping jobs, contact us for wholesale prices. Make sure you're in the know when it comes time to grow by reading our Flower Bulb Planting Guide.

Fall planted bulbs are also sometimes called spring-blooming bulbs. Bulbs that are planted in fall are dormant through winter and wake up in spring to grow and bloom. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, allium, bearded iris, and fritillaria are popular fall-planted bulbs. Most of these bulbs require cold temperatures in order to produce a flower bud for spring which is part of the reason they are planted in fall.

The best time to order bulbs for fall planting is before the fall planting season starts. Online retailers begin selling fall-planted bulbs in late spring and continue selling through summer and into the planting season.

Purchasing your flower bulbs for fall planting in summer offers the largest selection available. Typically in mid-summer, all varieties listed on flower bulb retailer websites like Holland Bulb Farms are still available. If there is a new parrot tulip for your garden purchasing ahead of time assures it is available. Delicacy bulbs like Snow Drops are often only available at the beginning of the fall planting season; purchasing them early ensures you will have snowdrops in your spring garden. With hundreds of flower bulbs to choose from having the largest choice of bulbs available is the optimal way to ensure your garden turns out as it should.

Summer offers the best prices on flower bulbs while the selection of flower bulbs is extensive. Flower bulb companies like Holland Bulb Farms often have their fall-planted bulbs for sale prices up to 50% off in late spring and summer. As the planting season approaches the discounts may not be as great, and some of the items may no longer be available.

Fall planted bulbs start shipping in mid-September. They are shipped based on hardiness zone locations, where orders going to the coldest areas ship first. The hardiness zone is not the only determining factor though. Orders placed in spring or summer will be the first to ship in each hardiness zone. Therefore, if you are located in hardiness zone 3 and order in late spring or summer your order will be one of the first to ship at the beginning of the fall shipping season. This is the same for all hardiness zones, the earlier you order for fall planting the earlier the order is sent when shipping to your zone begins.

Now that you know when the best time to buy fall-planted bulbs you can start planning. Researching what grows in your area and how to plant bulbs in the fall is all part of the planning process. Check out some of these helpful garden resources for planting bulbs.

If you need any help with gardening or if you have plant-related questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Jenny San Filippo. She can provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed with your next project!

With our flower bulbs you get the most beautiful flowers and colors in your garden. We have tulips, daffodils, dahlias and other popular varieties in our range. For an enchanting garden, plant these cheerful spring and summer bloomers! All flower bulbs come with a growth and flowering guarantee.

In all cases, the purpose is the same, it makes it possible for the flower bulbs to survive unfavourable growing conditions such as cold for spring flowering bulbs like Tulips and Crocus and dry periods for summer flowering bulbs such as Freesias and Dahlias.

Bulbs are best planted in full sun. Some will tolerate partial shade. There are certain spring flowering bulbs that adore the Shade such as Convallaria and Leucojum.You can grow almost any bulbs in containers, pots or window boxes. bulbs will thrive in well drained Soils. There are few bulbs that will tolerate wet soils but the japanese Iris and arum lily do.

The best spring flowering bulbs for containers are Daffodil Flower Bulbs, Tulip Flower Bulbs, Hyacinth Flower Bulbs and Crocus. Just use a good potting mix and plant bulbs closer together if not touching each Other. Before planting always dig in compost, peat or well rotted organic matter. In gardens where there clay Soils and poor drainage, you best to plant in raised beds. Sand added to the planting hole will improve drainage.

General depth for planting bulbs is to plant them at a depth that is twice the height of the bulb. During flowering periods remove any faded flowers as they appear, this will help to promote New and bushy growth throughout the growing season.

After flowering, let the foliage die down naturally. Doing this feeds energy into the bulb for flowering the next season. If you know in advance what bulbs need lifting then you are better to plant them in pots so make life easier. Let the bulbs dry off before storing. Store the bulbs in a net bag or a Seed tray and place them in an unheated room with some moisture, i.e. garage. Remember not all bulbs need to be lifted, some can be left in the ground to re appear the following few seasons or until the become over crowded and its time to divide. Autumn is a great time to begin to plan your spring garden. With careful planning you could have bulbs flowering from spring to the end of summer and in autumn. 041b061a72

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