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DameWare Mini Remote Control Portable: A Lightweight and Independent Remote Control Software

If you are looking for a remote control software that is easy to install, secure, and compatible with multiple platforms, you might want to check out DameWare Mini Remote Control Portable (DMRC). DMRC is a feature-rich remote control software that allows IT professionals to remotely access and control Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers, laptops, and servers from a single console.

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DMRC does not replace any existing operating system files, which means it does not require a reboot of the remote machine when connecting. It also does not require any type of smart card middleware or smart card reader installed on the remote machine. It uses Microsoft Windows API calls to interact with the local and remote machines, making it one of the most lightweight and independent remote control software on the market.

DMRC offers quick and easy "on the fly" deployment of its client agent service to remote machines, eliminating the need to physically visit the remote machine to install the software. This enables administrators to remotely control any machine on the LAN or WAN in a matter of seconds. DMRC also supports remote access to sleeping and powered-off computers using Intel vPro with AMT, Wake-on-LAN, and Wake-on-WAN technologies.

DMRC provides extensive features with regard to security and encryption, including multiple authentication methods primarily designed to use the operating system's built-in security. It also offers additional options of encrypting all communications between the remote and local machines, taking advantage of today's standards for encryption, hashing, and key exchange. DMRC is also the only known third-party remote administration tool with the ability to perform an interactive smart card login as well as remote smart card authentication, using a smart card and PIN from your local machine.

DMRC can be customized to fit your network environment with tons of settings and features. It also includes remote session tools and utilities such as chat, file transfer, screenshot capture, registry editor, command prompt, system information, services manager, event log viewer, reboot/reconnect options, lock keyboard/mouse options, etc.

DMRC is an affordable remote control software for all your customer support and help desk needs. It starts at $231 per tech with no monthly fees and unlimited end devices. You can get a quote or download a fully functional 14-day trial from their website: [SolarWinds].

This article is based on information from [] and [GitHub].

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