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[S4E17] Some Sort Of Woman

Piper was going to be the sacrifice for the sake of everyone else at that hospital, and it was disturbing how easily and callously some of the characters reacted to the potential loss of this young woman.

[S4E17] Some Sort of Woman

In autopsy, Doc Robbins tells Grissom that all of the stab wounds Adanto incurred where all "straight in, straight out" wounds; there are no angular entry wounds. Grissom finds this odd since the crime scene indicates that Adanto was moving around his apartment when he was stabbed. Doc Robbins shows Grissom the wounds on Adanto's back; all four are straight, clustered wounds that are parallel to each other. The stab wound in his chest is also the same distance from the crown of his head as the wounds on his back are. Doc Robbins also says that there are no defensive wounds, which Grissom finds almost impossible. He shows Grissom a piece of wadded up paper in Adanto's stomach, and Grissom wonders if it could be some sort of treasure map. 041b061a72

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