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HD Online Player (Independence Day 1996 EXTENDED 1080)

the video game industry was at the forefront of the move towards licensing games for purchase rather than renting. as a result, games such as final fantasy vii and halo have set new standards for interactive entertainment. the industry's success in licensing games for purchase led to the development of new business models such as multi-platform, multi-user, online games. it is not surprising, then, that this new technological wave has also made gaming more accessible to the casual player. the media and industry have begun to look at the casual player as a new market and there are signs of the industry catering to the needs of this market. the video game industry's current success has also led to the development of a new consumer base. this new consumer base has many demographic characteristics that are different from the previous video game consumer base, and these characteristics are having a positive impact on the video game industry.

HD Online Player (Independence Day 1996 EXTENDED 1080)


at the time of the report, there were more than two hundred stand alone interactive entertainment products on the market. this number is still small relative to the number of television sets in the united states (approximately 167 million). however, the video game industry has grown significantly over the last decade. although some gaming products are still sold and played in arcades and on dedicated gaming systems, the vast majority of game sales, players, and production occur on the world wide web, with the majority of sales, players, and production occurring on the internet. the games available for purchase on the web are most often interactive and most often distributed in the form of virtual worlds. in the arcades, dedicated gaming systems are typically used to play games that were developed for home computers. dedicated gaming systems, however, are available for purchase and play on the web. the difference between the arcades and the web is that the games sold on the web are developed specifically for the web and the players of those games are typically from outside the arcades. although these web-based games are played on an entirely different device than the arcades, the consumer of that game is usually no less interested in the game than the consumer of an arcade game. as a result, the arcades are changing to adapt to the market. that is, the arcades are beginning to develop more games that are meant to attract players who are not interested in competitive games. in this way, arcades are working to attract players, including non-gamers, who are interested in other aspects of the arcades. these new games will be different from the games sold on the web, but, by appealing to these new players, arcades will be able to expand their potential market.

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