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Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour Mission Maps

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Command and conquer generals zero hour mission maps

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Second, in the original game, the mission maps were created when the old generals system of the prototype still existed. Therefore, the factions that appear in the mission are still titled teamChinaSecretPolice, teamGLAWarlordCommand, et cetera. Some maps also try to disable units which no longer exist in the game, such as the missile team.

Generals brought badges (or honours) you could earn if you'd beat the missions, built more than 50 tanks in a single game, all the superweapons, beating all the maps against a hard opponent, etc. Zero Hour takes this a little bit further: there's a new badge for beating the Generals Challenge (you have to beat it on hard to get the gold medal) and the Ultimate Honor (beat every skirmish map against the maximum number of hard opponents). With the new AI it looks impossible to beat an 8-playermap against 7 hard enemies, but there's a trick: the AI players do not have to be in one team, as long as they are not your allies. If you put everyone in a seperate team, then everyone will attack everyone and it's possible to win then. The only thing which strikes me as odd is that the Domination honor for lifetime wins now is given for 100, 500, 1000 or 10,000 (!!!) lifetime wins. You can say what you want, but I'm not seeing myself winning that 10,000 wins badge anytime soon; they've taken this one a 'Bridge too far' (or was that a RA1 map?). Another missed opportunity is that in the end, the generals honours are useless. It's nice to have them, but you do not actually gain anything by winning them: there is no unlockable content. On the PC, it is still normal not to have any unlockable content but for console games its normal to have this nowadays. It would have been nice to be able to unlock something like the Ant missions from RA1 by getting 6 badges or so...

The Zero Hour expansion pack for Generals offers a lot of new stuff which will keep you playing for at least 30 hours. The generals bring a new dimension to gameplay: if you're playing against the infantry general, then you have to use different tactics then when playing against the tank general or the stealth general. Against the computer, it is not really important because it appears to look right through stealth, but during online/multiplayer games, it's quite funny when your opponent runs into your stealthed Tunnel networks. Unfortunately, I myself cannot play online due to my PC configuration. The Generals challenge brings many hours of fun and frustration to the singleplayer experience (which is most important for me). Someone who's beat all the missions and the Generals challenge on hard deserves respect! I'll have to keep playing a bit longer ;) If you do not have Generals yet, then you can get the 'Generals Deluxe' which contains Generals and Zero Hour in a single box and that at the price of a single game!

Zero Hour is the expansion pack to Command & Conquer: Generals that follows the return of the GLA to the world stage. The game features 15 new missions in 3 campaigns (five for each side), 9 new distinct generals (3 for each side) who fight alongside the core factions with their own specialties and units, the Generals Challenge mode where the player faces a new general in each mission and ends with the Chinese boss general Leang, new skirmish/multiplayer maps and a general rebalance. The campaign is presented by TV reporters (one for each campaign) in contrast to the short advisor briefings with satellite images from the base game. 041b061a72

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