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A commodities derivative financial instrument is a commodities contract or other financial instrument for commodities (other than a share of corporate stock, a beneficial interest in a partnership or trust, a note, bond, debenture, or other evidence of indebtedness, or a section 1256 contract) the value or settlement price of which is calculated or determined by reference to a specified index (as defined in section 1221(b) of the Internal Revenue Code).

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If you deducted the costs of a property under the de minimis safe harbor for tangible property, then upon its sale or disposition, this property is not treated as a capital asset under section 1221. Generally, any gain on the disposition of this property is treated as ordinary income and is reported on Part II of Form 4797.

Gold, silver, gems, stamps, coins, etc., are capital assets except when they are held for sale by a dealer. Any gain or loss from their sale or exchange is generally a capital gain or loss. If you are a dealer, the amount received from the sale is ordinary business income.

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