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[S2E3] Appreciation Day ((BETTER))

It's Appreciation Day at The Park and everybody (except Mordecai and Rigby) get appreciation plaques. Angry that they didn't get plaques, Mordecai and Rigby decide to try and do hard work, but more often than not, they mess up in front of Benson. Late at night in Benson's office, they sneak inside, find the Book of Park Records and change their terrible records into very unrealistic, outstanding ones. Before Rigby can write the ending of a fake story about them, Benson enters the office and they are forced to hide under the desk as he takes the book.

[S2E3] Appreciation Day

At this point, Rigby, determined to save the park, runs straight for the cover, and the monster chases him. Rigby gets there first, tossing Mordecai the cover as Snowballs, having caught up, eats him and heads for the latter. Mordecai reconnects the pages with the book, and frantically writes that the monster "went away and everything went back to normal" just as Snowballs reaches him. The monster disintegrates and forms a large ball of snow which explodes. Mordecai falls back, and the two wake up to find that everything is the way it used to be. Benson takes the book away and tells them, as usual, to clean up the mess, or they'll be fired. Rigby says that they did everything he told them to do and there was no mess to clean, so Benson drives away, silent. Confused and slightly annoyed, Rigby shouts, "What? Still no appreciation plaques?"

It's fascinating because the portfolio of solutions at SAP is quite large, quite wide, broad, but the community of experts, I've heard it before is, it's not a closed community but it's a smaller-than-you-might anticipate community. You've expressed appreciation through the conversation so far for training, education, development and contributed to that. What type of education training has been essential to your professional career? 041b061a72

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