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Buy Original Art Prints

I just received the first prints of my work and I am SO SO SO SO happy with them!! My family has beenin the print business for 30 years and yet I have never had a level of perfection like this in reproducingmy work.

buy original art prints

Disney Legend, Paige O'Hara is widely known as the voice of Belle in Disney's classic animated film Beauty and the Beast. After a career on screen and on Broadway, she returned to her original passion for painting... (Read Full Bio)

Michael Provenza has a totally original perception of nature and landscape. His oil paintings reveal a successful blend of the old with the new , merging a realistic and remarkable dimensional quality with a surreal and magical... (Read Full Bio)

Society 6 sells screen-printed home decor, clothing, and wall prints from artists like Tina Crespo (above), Wendy Macnaughton, Marc Johns, Karen Hallion, and more starting at $15.50. See the store here.

J Hill Design has city, state and landmark prints of their own colorful designs. With 8-by-10s starting at $12, the paintings can even be personalized with neighborhoods, names, or text. Visit the store here.

Little Paper Planes is a community of artists curators and collectors that sells and promotes new artists. It sells paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptural pieces starting at $15. Visit the store here.

Started in 2007, Jane Mount's Ideal Bookshelf Project shows hand-painted spines of people's favorite books. You can buy prints of existing collections starting at $34, or get your own books hand painted starting at $135. See the collection here.

Tiny Showcase is an online forum for promoting new artists. For each limited edition print purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes to support a charitable organization of that artists choice. Unframed prints start at $30. See more here.

Society6, which offers artists a platform for creating products and selling their work, has lots of unusual, quirky, and interesting choices. Besides prints, they also offer framed prints, wall tapestries, printed canvases, and a host of other products.

Looking for affordable prints of pieces by well-known artists like Picasso or Rothko? has you covered. From canvas to framed art, you can find virtually every type of piece your heart desires. Plus, you get to enjoy free shipping and returns with your purchase.

With charts on everything from the universe to coffee to rapper names, these prints are as exhaustive as they are beautiful. (Since this is Apartment Therapy, we also have to mention their American architecture one, too.) Framing options are included, too.

1stDibs is a designer-favorite art source, gathering pieces from artists big and small (yes, you can get your hands on an original Warhol or Picasso here) around the globe. It also lets you filter by style, artist, and price so you can find the perfect option within your range.

Buying art from large art platforms like Fine Art America or Saatchi means you can choose from an enormous amount of artists and artwork, both fine art prints and original art. These platforms give you security and insurance (payment, delivery, etc) but artists also have to pay these platforms a commission for every sale.

For canvas fine art prints Epson has great canvas themselves, but Breathing Color and Jacquard are also good brands. A lot of fine art printers use Epson printers and canvas that has especially been primed for inkjet inks. These will almost always produce vibrant and sharp prints that are true to the original colors.

Texas art prints by the late Charles Beckendorf have captured the imagination of fans for almost 50 years. From inspiring landscapes to majestic wildlife art prints, it's all here - all the diversity and beauty of Texas through the eyes of Charles Beckendorf. Browse through the collections today to find your own piece of classic Texas art.

6. LeifFounded in 2011 by Stacy Anne Longenecker, this Brooklyn-based, online-only purveyor of home goods has found its niche. From (you guessed it) botanical leaf prints to original pieces, every work has the glow of the happy modern home. Up on the site now, a collection of vintage prints from the 1980 book Histoire Naturelle Des Perroquets. An easy oui, we would say.

Jacques Pépin is pleased to offer some of his original artwork and signed, fine-art prints for sale. Also available: Gallery-Size Prints, Photographs, and Gift-Size Print Sets. A portion of sales from the site go to support culinary education and sustainability.

For gallerists and curators, the shift in how we buy and sell in the past two decades has allowed these businesses to represent more artists and expand into selling affordable art prints online to reach larger audiences worldwide.

Best known by her artist moniker Hatecopy, Maria Qamar quit her advertising career to focus on art when her pop art paintings began to catch fire on Instagram. Now she works full time on her art, selling her own paintings in multiple formats, from art prints to books to printed merch.

Maria runs her own online shop, where she sells art prints and merchandise, eliminating the middleman and keeping her costs low. But she also leans on relationships with experienced galleries for exhibiting and selling original artwork.

Fine artists using classic mediums and selling at high price points may choose to only sell originals, for example, while digital art, which can be reproduced without loss of quality, is great for prints and merch. However, most art created in 2D mediums have multiple options for generating unlimited sales on a single work.

Your markup may be on a scale depending on whether you sell open- or limited-edition prints. Other expenses may include office supplies, software or app fees, professional services, studio rent, and more.

If you are shipping original art, or elect to ship prints and canvases yourself, rather than through a print and fulfillment company, take extra precaution with your packing. Larger prints and posters are best shipped in cardboard mailing tubes, and smaller prints in rigid cardboard mailing envelopes.

Use glassine (a water and grease-resistant paper) or clear cellophane sleeves to protect prints within the packaging. Custom branded packaging like tissue paper or poly envelopes that feature your branding or art can spark delight with customers and improve their experience with your brand.

This is a tricky question because art is very broad and subjective. Selling prints of your work can be very profitable because you can continue to generate income from a single piece. Lower price points (versus original art) mean you likely can sell more volume. Curators should follow trends in art and design to help understand what art collectors and potential buyers are buying, then work with artists that have high success potential. As a creator, you should lean into the style that you do best and build a following from there.

The epitome of luxury, framed wall art prints offer elegance and style, combining the elements of your room to offer the perfect finishing touch. We believe you should live with art you love.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable environment and future. Our products are handmade using eco-friendly materials from our FSC certified papers for our art prints and posters to real glass for our wooden frames.

Welcome to the new way to discover quality art. At Abstract House, we craft the best British contemporary fine art using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. We believe finding and buying art you love should be fun and enjoyable. Our curated collections of art, all designed in-house and exclusive to Abstract House enable you to discover original, unique art you love. Let art reflect your personality and embrace it with our wide range of wall art.

Get inspired by our beautifully made art prints, posters and frames to help you create stylish gallery walls. Whether you are searching for abstract art prints, or set of three prints, choose from our modern art collection for your living room. Discover our new, large abstract wall art on canvas. Or, if it's a calming scene you would like to display in your bedroom, browse our Scandinavian art prints to immerse yourself in nature and landscapes.

A full time artist based in North Yorkshire, Stephen was originally trained in sculpture. Mainly self taught as a painter, Stephen's work is a mix of acrylic paintings, paper cut-outs and paper mosaics. His subject matter is wide ranging, including nudes, geometric abstracts and still lifes, all with the core elements of vibrant colour, bold shapes and strong composition.

Here at Fine Art Canvas, quality is very important to us. In order for us to make each print to order, we use a printing process called giclee. Giclee uses fade-resistant inkjets to ensure that the color pigmentation of the artwork perfectly matches the original. In other words, what you see is what you get. Watch the video here to see our printing process from start to finish

Our canvas prints are made-to-order, ensuring you get the size you want with our pristine printing process. We ship them out to you as fast as possible, keeping you updated every step of the way. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, let us know! We will make it right.

Acrylic Glass prints with an aluminium dibond back are very sturdy and offer gallery-quality appeal. The timeless effect of the photos on glossy acrylic glass is perfect for fine art photography and meets the highest professional demands. Acrylic glass is light, shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations. The acrylic glass with a thickness of 4 mm enhances the properties of a photo print, emphasizing the vivid colors and enhancing the impression of depth.

Interested in purchasing one of my fine art prints? Please feel free to get in touch using the email or inquiry form below. You can also download my PDF brochure with additional information. 041b061a72

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