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Buy Christmas Trees In Bulk ##TOP##

River Ridge is here to enjoy and help others enjoy the Christmas season. As a grower, we get to have a little bit of Christmas with us all year long, as we nurture our trees and tend to our farms 365 days. We do it for ourselves and for you. We like giving customers around the county, the state, and even the country such a worthy product. After all, a satisfied customer is a repeat customer, and the opposite, likewise. If you are interested in buying real Christmas trees online, click the link to go to our online Christmas tree shop.

buy christmas trees in bulk

Unlike other Christmas tree growers, we will not begin to harvest your trees until November 15th or later (unless otherwise requested). However, the quantity of trees ready for harvest each year is limited, so call early to reserve your trees. Click here to learn more about us.

In Florida, red cedar, Virginia pine, sand pine, spruce pine and Leyland cypress are grown specifically for use as Christmas trees. Each year, the young trees must be shaped or pruned to encourage the tree to branch more quickly and gradually achieve the full, bushy appearance people prefer in their Christmas trees. It takes three to six years to grow a well-shaped tree that is 6 to 8 feet tall.

Christmas tree harvesting does not upset the ecology, because more trees are planted than harvested each year; the general rule is to plant two to three trees for every tree cut. While growing, Christmas trees provide environmental benefits such as wildlife habitat and increased soil stability. Purchasing a homegrown Florida tree is good for the environment because less fuel is used in transportation. It also supports the farmers of the state and boosts Florida's economy.

Many Florida tree farms offer customers the option to choose and cut their own Christmas trees. When you visit a Florida tree farm, remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Christmas trees grow in natural environments, so watch for uneven ground and stumps. Bring your camera so you can capture this special part of your holiday tradition.

Here is a list of Florida Christmas tree growers who are members of the Florida Christmas Tree Association. Many offer potted trees, pre-cut trees and choose-and-cut trees. Some also offer wreaths, arts and crafts, gifts, and onsite family activities such as hay rides. Call ahead to confirm availability and dates and hours of operation.

Whether trees are to be sold at your retail location, supplied for wholesale purposes or even exported overseas in refrigerated maritime containers, we will assist you in providing heavy density Christmas trees, individually baled, graded, sized and identified. We take care of all aspects from harvesting to shipping, customs if any, phytosanitary inspections and all documentation required.

Loading trees is an important process prior to shipping and delivery of fresh cut Christmas trees. For any wholesale Christmas trees order, Plantations BL Christmas Trees will make sure that there will not be any wasted space in all shipments leaving the family farm. We use 53 foot drop deck open trailers as well as closed trailers to deliver trees throughout North America, maximizing the amount of Christmas trees shipped in each tractor trailer.

Having direct access from our plantations to highways, railroads and maritime ports, we optimize transit time for each shipment, allowing us to offer our cultivated trees overseas, providing the freshest & finest Christmas trees to our customers all over the world!

At Plantations BL Christmas Trees, we proudly take care of the entire freight logistics and all import documentation you will need, ensuring delivery of the trees directly to your door or at the closest port of final destination at the most competitive prices on the market!

Balsam and Fraser Fir trees up to 35ft. Trees can be delivered on site or picked up at our location upon request. Orders must be placed by end of October 2023 to ensure availability.

Cinco Stand Model 148 (2.0 gal) STD148 10" diameter Holds 2 gal of water. Tree trunks to 7"and suitable for trees up to 10'. 10 per case. Model 152 Cinco Tree Stand Model 152 (1.3 gal) Holds 1.3 gal of water. 8" diameter. Tree trunks to 6" and suitable for trees up to 8'. 12 per case.

New Hampshire and Vermont tree farmers sell Christmas trees and holiday wreaths wholesale to large suburban and city tree markets around the Northeast and as far away as Florida. Smaller wholesale orders are also available for fundraising projects.

Wholesale buyers are welcome to inspect tree farms, and any Christmas trees transported outside the region are inspected and issued a phytosanitary certificate by the Department of Agriculture. New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree Association members grade wholesale trees as Premium, #1, #2, and #3. All Christmas trees are in the 6-foot to 8-foot range, unless otherwise indicated.

Geography. New Hampshire is close to your market. We are a day's drive from over 60 million people in the Northeast. Interstate Highways I-93 and I-91 provide easy access to the other major routes in the Northeast and beyond. Your transportation costs will be lower than if you have to import trees from farms further away.

Climate. Not only are our soils and climate perfectly suited for growing Christmas trees, but our cold temperatures arrive early in the fall. Early frosts set the needles on the trees making for excellent needle retention. In November, when the tree harvest starts, the chill of winter has begun to settle in. It is not unusual for temperatures to stay in the 40's or below for virtually all of the month. This means that harvested trees are in nature's cooler until they are shipped, giving you the freshest tree possible. Not only skiers like the early snows; trees stored under an early white blanket arrive at your doorstep in prime condition.

Holiday Tree Farms has been bringing the real Christmas tree tradition to millions for over fifty years. Established in 1955, Holiday Tree Farms continues to shape the wholesale Christmas tree industry with pioneering innovations. Developing innovative techniques to culture trees properly to meet our customer's needs is our passion. Learn more about our Wholesale Christmas trees Hear our Christmas tree farm story

From seed to store, we control every aspect of our operation to ensure we are delivering only the highest quality and freshest Christmas trees. Our elite seedlings are grown in our very own nursery where only the highest quality seeds from our private seed sources are used. Each Christmas tree is meticulously cared for ensuring a healthy, dense and fragrant Christmas tree. We have engineered and refined our harvest procedures in order to minimize the time from cut to delivery and, during harvest, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until every order has been delivered on time. View our different Christmas tree types

Real Christmas trees are the environmentally responsible choice. Plantation Christmas trees are farmed similar to most other row crops where the soil is prepped, crops are planted, cultivated and harvested. We have a sustainable farm plan in place that allows us to produce the highest quality Christmas trees while supporting and protecting the environment around us. Learn about our sustainable Christmas tree farm

Holiday Tree Farms has been growing trees for family traditions since 1955. The pleasure of bringing Christmas happiness through our trees has been passed down from generation to generation. We are a family run businessgoing into the third generation and remain dedicated to our mission. Our story

There is no more iconic symbol of Christmas than a real Christmas tree. Every year when the Christmas Season arrives, there is a rush for consumers to find the best trees at the lowest prices. In order for the customers to get the best prices, the retailers have to get the best prices, and there is no better place to get low prices than at Shatley Farms, a supplier of wholesale Christmas trees. You can get a quote in less than 48 hours, and the products will be delivered on-time for the retail season. Whether your business is a major chain or a small, local nursery, we can provide you with the trees you need in order to be prepared for the busiest shopping season of the year.

Shatley Farms provides only the greenest, freshest trees available in the industry because we know those are the trees customers want to buy. Grown on our own farms, from the highest quality seeds, we deliver only the best of our excellent crops. Each tree is individually cared for, carefully harvested at just the right time for delivery, and inspected to make sure our clients receive green, fresh, highly fragrant trees. While we are based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, we service Christmas tree retailers nation-wide.

Whether you need a hundred trees or a hundred thousand trees, Shatley Farms can deliver. As a leader in wholesale Christmas trees, we specialize in high-capacity fulfillment. Running out of trees means losing out on profits. If customers arrive to see an empty lot, they will go elsewhere, both to buy their trees and to do other holiday shopping. Instead of losing sales, have your trees delivered on time and en masse. A full lot that can be seen from the road will bring customers to your store, drawn in by the sheer excitement of Christmas tree shopping.

Growing Christmas trees is an earth friendly industry - real Christmas trees emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Shatley Farms believes in environmental responsibility, so we use only the most environmentally-friendly growing, fertilizing, and harvesting practices to ensure that our business does not negatively impact our surroundings.

Tree Seedlings 6 to 12 inches are sold in units of 50 trees for each variety. Check out the list below to determine the varieties that will work well in your climate. Orders must be placed in units of 50 per variety. 041b061a72

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