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Monetary Support Available

Through the financial options provided at Erica B Independent Living Facility, we’ll make sure to come up with an assistance plan that works for you or your loved ones. We understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford our services, but we believe everyone deserves a chance. Contact us to see if you qualify - we’ll assist you to fit your retirement planning with your needs and lifestyle.

Happy Elderly Couple.

Financial Planning

A Erica B Independent Living Facility Financial Planning is for those members of our retirement community who are experiencing especially difficult financial circumstances. Our extremely helpful and empathetic administrators and counselors are incredible at dealing with the challenges, both financial and not, faced by our residents and retirees.

Pharmacist helping elderly woman

Full Medical Coverage

Our Full Medical Coverage option is available to those who are in need of keeping a little cash in hand. We’ve found that providing a Full Medical Coverage to our community members helps them maintain an air of confidence and independence. Arrange a meeting with our financial assistant and be sure to ask them about the opportunity to receive a Erica B Independent Living Facility Full Medical Coverage.

Financial Options: Financial Options
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